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Alcohol Tester

  • Model Number: SMC
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  • Place of Origin:China

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Alcohol Tester manufacturer and supplier.

Alcohol tester is useful for double checking calculations and is a must have tool for determining the strength of a new or unknown distillate.Strong alcohol can be diluted with water to any strength by consulting alcohol tables or using basic calculations. It must be noted that alcohol volume increases with temperature. It is estimated that the volume of 1 liter of vodka increases by 1 ml with each 1° C increase in temperature. If we increase the temperature of 10 liters of vodka by 5° C its volume will increase by 50 ml, so we will have the new volume of 10,050 ml. Alcohol testers are calibrated to give correct readings at 20° C. To compensate for alcohol volume changes with temperature a good alcohol tester has a built in thermometer with a correction factor. A reading is taken, and if the temperature is different than 20° C, the thermometer indicates how we should adjust the reading. Keep in mind that the tester is designed for solutions of alcohol and water only. It does not work when sugar, juices or infusions are added to the alcohol solution.

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    Temperature Range-operation:-5℃~40℃

    Ambient humidity:<80%RH

    Screen: OLED Digital Screen

    Test Mode: For quick testing

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    Can be used to determine whether drunk driving.

    The breath alcohol tester is an instrument that detects the alcohol content in the driver's breath.

    It can be used in high-risk areas for companies that prohibit drinking and work.


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    1) High-precision test of exhaled alcohol content, up to four significant digits can be displayed.

    2) Can input the tester's license plate number, driver's license number and test executor number.

    3) Automatically record test time.

    4) There are three modes of automatic test, passive test and overtime alarm.

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