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Auto Nail Making Machine

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Our wire nail making machines adopt plunger type structure; it ensures excellent features such as high speed, low noise and less impact. Especially, it can make the high quality of oil rivet nail and other shaped nails used for high speed welding nailer and nail gun. The assortment of our products is completed.

The nail making machine is used for producing various common nails and special nails. It has wide uses, simple operation, and reliable function. We can supply various machine parts and necessary fine auxiliaries for you.

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    1. Model: Z94-1C, Z94-2C, Z94-3C, Z94-4C, Z94-5.5C, Z94-6C

    2. Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, HSS, etc.

    3. Voltage: 220G/380V/415V/440V

    4. Designed Capacity: 100~450 pcs/min.

    5. Nail Length: 10~200mm


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    1. High speed

    2. Low noise

    3. Less impact

    4. Simple operation

    5. Reliable function

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    1. Wood Nail

    2. Twist Nail

    3. Screw Nail

    4. Shoot Nail, etc.

Technical Information of Auto Nail Making Machine:

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