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Coffee Machine

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Shanghai Mac Corporation is a leading coffee machine manufacturer and supplier.

Coffee machine at SMC ,coffee can be made in minutes,fully automatic coffee machines are the fastest growing in the entire coffee machine industry. Since GAGGIA released the first fully automatic coffee machine capable of making espresso in 1999, various coffee machine manufacturers have devoted themselves to research and development to continuously improve their functions. Coffee made with a good automatic coffee mechanism has been favored by homes and offices since its inception.

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    Size: 258X210X280mm (10.1x8.2x11.0 in),235*75mm,and so on

    Capacity: 1.8L,150ml and so on

    Voltage :7.4v,220v and so on

    Power:46,1200and so on

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    Hotel, Commercial, Home Kitchen Hotel Room.





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    1) Fully automatic coffee machine.

    2) Easy to use.

    3) The temperature can be adjusted.

    4) No waiting between cups.

    5) Accommodates taller cups.

    6) Sleek space-saving design.

    7) Convenient water tank.

    5) Removable water tank, and drip tray make for easy clean.

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Packaging of Coffee Machine:

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