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Electric Hydraulic Punching Machine

  • Model Number: SMC
  • Dimension: Undefined
  • Place of Origin:China

Shanghai Mac Corporation is a leading Electric hydraulic punching machine manufacturer and supplier.

The MHP-20 electro-hydraulic punching machine is mainly used for hydraulic punching tools for copper bars, aluminum bars, iron plates, channel steel, I-beam and other metal materials. The punching position is accurate, the speed is fast, there is no noise, no chips, and the operation is safe and clean. Convenient to carry, suitable for field operations or fixed in the factory for mass production.

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    1. Voltage: 220/110V.

    2. No-load power: 830/900w.

    3. Net weight: 12 kg.

    4. Punching diameter: Φ4-Φ20mm.

    5. Punching speed: 2-3s.

    6. Punching thickness: 6mm.


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    1. Positioning accuracy.

    2. High speed.

    3. No noise.

    4. No chips, safe and clean operation.

    5. Easy to carry.


    Hydraulic punching tool for copper bar, aluminum bar, iron plate, channel steel, I-beam and other metal materials

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