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Electric Kettle

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Shanghai Mental Corporation is one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of stainless steel electric kettle in China.

An electric kettle is a simple and safe home appliance that makes your work easier. Electric kettle is always used to make coffee, tea, or to boil eggs. It can do almost every task and makes your life much easier. The best thing about the electric Kettle is that it is automatically switched off when it reaches the maximum boiling point, which is faster, more reliable, and safer than traditional tea kettles.

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    Power: 1500W, 1800W

    Power Source: Electric

    Voltage: 220V

    Controller: FADA

    Function: Automatically

    Heating Speed: 4-6 Minutes

    Handle: Non-slip, anti-scald

    Customized: Logo, color

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    1) Safe and easy to operate

    2) Stainless steel material, safe and durable

    3) High power, boil water fast

    4) Automatic power-off, boil-dry protection

    5) 360 Degree Rotational Base

    6) OEM and ODM available

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