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Flake Ice Maker Machine

  • Model Number: SMC
  • Dimension: undefined
  • Place of Origin:China

Shanghai Mac Corporation can supply Flake Ice Maker Machines.

  • Professional production: Ice maker, commercial ice machine, commercial refrigerator, flake ice machine, snow machine, mine ice machine, fluid soft ice machine, display cabinet, showcase, stainless steel bar equipment, coffee bar equipment, hotel equipment, tea shop equipment, commercial water heater, refrigeration equipment parts and accessories and other products.


  • Ice Shape: Flake Ice

    Voltage: 220V,50/60HZ,1P/ 380V,50/60HZ,3P

    Dimension(L*W*H): 1650mmx1460mmx2186mm

    Certification: CE, ISO, BV, SGS

    Cooling way: Air/Water cooling


  • LIER ICE SYSTEMS owns its unique technology and get much better performance.

    A. Superb Stability and reliability, long use life.

    B. User-friendly design, intellectualized PLC touch-screen controller, support Human - computer interaction ,The intellectualized PLC touchscreen control system, user-friendly designed, which is very convenient for operator. The intellectualized historical failure record function and guidance o f troubleshooting makes easier and simple operation and maintenance. The running time setting function convenient operation, saving energy and reduce cost.

    C. Sub-cooled ice, excellent fast cooling Super cold, dry, crisp, 100% subcooled ice with greater surface area and exceptional cooling power.

    D. Low maintenance and operation cost Super performance offers trouble-free operation, with much less maintenance probability than other brands of ice flakers.

    E. Energy-efficient and cost saving


  • Food / Fishery /Meat Processing, Medical Facilities, Supermarket, Environmental Engineering, Fresh Preservation.

  • We adopt advanced production equipment and management system. By virtue of high quality, high performance and high energy saving, we win unanimous approval from the market.

    As the global market is unified, we have expanded our scale, built larger factories, and used new lines, equipment and equipment. Now we have strong production capacity, at present we are focusing on developing overseas markets.


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Technical Information of Flake Ice Maker Machine:

Processing Method:


Packaging of Flake Ice Maker Machine:


1.Flake ice:

Flake ice is dry, pure, powder-less, not easy to block.Its thickness is about 1.8mm-2mm, without edges or corners which can produce the cooling food, fish, seafood ad other products

2.Flake ice machine features;

Automatic monitoring system:

Intelligentized PLC control, don’t need to arrange people to monitor the machine

Emergency Alarm:

It makes you know immediately once the emergency happens

Cable Channel:

All the wires packed in stainless steel channel, protects the wire, also makes the machine look neat and tidy

Evaporator Drum:

Use stainless steel 304 or carbon steel chrominum. The scartch-style system of inside machine ensures constant running at the lowest power comsumption, exquisite welding and processing technology ensure high-efficent heat transfer and energy saving.

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  • Rolled Cople for pipe

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