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Membrane Air Dryer

  • Model Number: SMC
  • Dimension:
  • Place of Origin:China

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Membrane Air Dryer manufacturer and supplier.

The membrane air dryer uses hollow fibers composed of a macro molecular membrane through which moisture passes easily, but is difficult for air (oxygen and nitrogen) to pass through.

When humid, compressed air is supplied to the inside of the hollow fibers, only moisture permeates the membrane and moves to the outside due to the pressure difference between the moisture inside and outside of the fibers. The compressed air becomes dry air and continues out of the dryer. Part of the dry air from the outlet side is passed through a very small orifice to reduce the pressure and purge the outside of the hollow fibers. The moisture which permeated to the outside of the hollow fibers is discharged to the atmosphere by this purge air. In this way, the partial pressure outside of the hollow fibers remains low and dehumidification is continuously performed.

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    Normal operating: Blue

    Initial state: White/Pink

    Type: V, M

    Model: IDG

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    Machine Tool

    Measuring Machine

    Powder Coating

    Food Machinery

    Packaging Machine


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    1) Space saving.

    2) Flexible mounting orientation Easy to install in narrow spaces.

    3) High performance.

    4) Model with fitting for purge air discharge is also available.

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