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Roof Forming Machine

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The roof making machine is mainly composed of left and right body, bottom connecting rod, top case cover, sliding seat, hexagonal runner, pulley, gear mechanism, sheave mechanism, cam mechanism, lubrication pump, oil circuit system, electronic control part, etc.

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    Forming shaft: 72mm diameter solid shaft

    Forming wheel: hard chrome plating

    Transmission mode: hydraulic motor

    Number of forming rows: 11 rows

    Fully automatic computer fixed-length cutting system: five batches of data can be set to work at the same time

    Pump station motor: 3KW four-stage

    Cutting die: Gr12

    Forming speed: 15m/min

    Pressing thickness: 0.2-0.8mm

    Pressing width: 1000m

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    1. Adopt high-level automatic control software to realize production information management.

    2. The entire unit automation control system adopts a highly integrated network, which makes the automation system superior in performance.

    3. The machine has the advantages of operation, maintenance, maintenance, mechanical debugging, and easy mold replacement.


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    The products produced by Shanghai Metal's color steel tile presses have smooth and beautiful appearance, uniform paint patterns, high strength, and durability. They are widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as factories, warehouses, machine garages, hangars, stadiums, exhibition halls, and theaters. Room surface and wall, etc.

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Producing Process Sketch of Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine:

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  • Rolled Cople for pipe

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