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SMC Wheel Loader

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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional supplier of Wheel Loader with high quality and reasonable price.

Low fuel consumption engine that doesn't sacrifice any power. World class and reliable ZF auto transmission with Kick down for energy saving and efficient operation. Powershift for smooth strong gear changes. Torque converter matches engine efficiently.   Boom Kick-out & return to carry greatly  increases efficiency of repetitive loading tasks.

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    Overall Operating Weight: 8200KG

    Dimension L*W*H: 6100×2365×3752mm

    Wheel Base: 2200mm

    Loading Lifting Capacity: 2500KG

    Breakout Force: 58KN

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    1) By minimizing the torque difference between front and rear drive shafts at turns, it prevents the slip difference between front and rear wheels and ensures the coincided wheel paths between front and rear wheels to improve the service life of tires and trafficability of machine and reduce the energy loss. The articulated structure of tapered roller bearings is adopted for front and rear frames, featuring reliable operations and easy maintenances.

    2) With the adoption of finite element analysis optimization and the utilization of plate structure and automatic robot welding, the structural parts of the main machine feature high resistance against load and distortion, high firmness and compactness, and good stability.

Technical Information of SMC Wheel Loader:


Model: YC4A105Z-T20

Type: In Line Direct injection Four-Stroke and Injection Combustion Chamber

Cylinder-Inside: Diameter*Stroke 4-108×132

Rated Power: 75KW

Rated Speed: 2200r/min

Min. Fuel Consumption: ≤230g/km.h

Max.Torque: ≥400N.M

Displacement: 4..837L

Steering System

Model of Steering Device: BZZ5-250

Steering Angle: ±36 o

Min. turning radius: 6581mm

Pressure of the system:12Mpa


Manufacturer Front: Feicheng Axle Factory

Back: Feicheng Axle Factory

Main Transmission Type: Double Reduction

Final Reducer: Single Stage Final Reducer

Rated Loader of Axle: 8/18.5t

Transmission System

Type: Single-stage Three Elements

Max. Efficiency: 84.40%

Inlet Pressure: 1.3-1.5Mpa

Outlet Pressure: 0.25-0.3Mpa

Cooling Method: Oil-cooling Pressure Circulation

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