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XCMG 12ton Road Roller XS122

  • Brand Name: XCMG
  • Model Number: XS122
  • Dimension: 5970*2300*3150mm
  • Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

XS122 is a medium-sized hydraulic vibratory compactor developed on the basis of XS120 with better performance and appearance. Representing XCMG hydraulic vibratory compactors, the compacting performance, driving performance, operating performance, reliability, and maintenance performance represent the highest level of domestic compactors.

Wide view

The columns at the rear flank are moved to sides. The front and rear of the cab adopts full-glass design, supporting wide view for the drivers.

Comfortable operating environment

Full hydraulic drive makes operations easy and convenient. The instrument panel accords with the ergonomics, equipped with suspended seat and car radio, making the driving more comfortable.

The air conditioning supplies comfortable operating environment.

Remarkable compacting performance

Dual frequency and dual amplitude vibrating system and scientific and reasonable static linear load and excitation force ensure the effective compaction of different materials and layers with different thicknesses.

The welded convex block drum and fabricated expand the application range, realizing “one machine, two purposes”.

Outstanding powertrain

Adopt the imported CUMMINS water-cooled turbo-charged engine, features reliable performance, large power reserve, low oil consumption, low noise, meeting the standard of European II.

Adopt imported heavy-duty drive axles with NO-SPIN Differential. The drive wheels adopt wide base tyres which have large ground connection area, improving the driving performance, and ensuring good trafficability in any case.

Hydraulic drive system: adopt the closed anti-slip hydraulic drive system composed by imported heavy-load variable pump and motor, ensuring the good driving performance and high gradeability.

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Technical Information of 12ton Road Roller XS122


Packaging & Delivery of 12ton Road Roller XS122:

Packaging Details:Nude package Shipped by Ro-Ro or Bulk shipment

Delivery Detail:7~15 days

Main Features of 12ton Road Roller XS122:

1. More excellent performance

2. More reliable quality

3. Easier to operate

4. Easier to maintain

5. More energy-efficient and environmental friendly

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