Global Responsibility

As the world’s leading steel manufacturer, Shanghai Metal Corporation epitomizes the values of “Service, Management, Craftsmanship.”


Our strategic vision is fashioned in pursuit of these three goals:


Service: To maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients, Shanghai Metal strives to provide the best customer service from the production phase through to after-sales feedback. Our goal remains ensuring our clients receive all the necessary support. Additionally, we continuously remain a trusted, responsible member of the global society.


Management: To lead and influence the market, Shanghai Metal exemplifies enhanced leadership shaping every aspect of our corporate behavior and ethics. We are continuously improving our operational format in order to address dynamic consumer and market demands. We are consistently striving for technical innovation and ingenuity to meet the future head on.


Craftsmanship: To provide our clients with only the highest quality products, we pioneer cutting-edge solutions in fields of technology, processes, and products. We use leading, modern technology to improve the quality and the performance of our products and our manufacturing processes. We strive to implement the latest methods in the process of analysis and design, always challenging ourselves to excel as an innovation-driven company.


On the whole, we are committed to fair and transparent management based on these three principles. We will contribute to overall industrial and environmental sustainability and the enhancement of society through the creation of valuable products and ideas.